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(Insulation (What is):
Insulation is a layer that stops the flow of heat or minimizes the transfer of heat and sound from inside to outside and vice versa, so in the winter your living or working places stays warm and in summer stays cool. Moreover by using insulation we can save even energy costs.

Air Bubble insulation d-cool
Our bubble insulation radiant barrier products consist of “TWO” layers of bubble insulation material laminated between layers of our radiant barrier aluminum foil to provide excellent thermal resistance (R-value up to 12.9 K/W). The bubble insulation material contains an air retention layer designed to provide increased strength and puncture resistance and reduce conductive heat while the foil side(s) Block 97% of the radiant heat.
d-cool insulation is used to either contain heat for maintaining warmth, or to resist heat for maintaining cold. In many applications, radiation is the dominant mode of heat transfer. d-cool bubble is considerably more effective then conventional insulations in reducing radiant heat transfer. d-cool bubble reflects up to 97% of radiant energy in addition to resisting other types of heat transfer thus providing effective insulation and excellent vapor barrier.


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